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The Wren Project

A hub for the St James's community

  • St James’s Church was built by architect, Christopher Wren for the residents of the newly constructed St James’s Square in 1684. 
  • Today it is at the heart of St James’s Community with a focus on mission, social justice, and the arts. 
  • The project will transform the church and the surrounding area through increased greenery, improved accessibility, and the creation of new pedestrian routes. 

Image Credit: Robert Myers Associates 

The Wren Project will enable:

  • A more accessible public space
  • More trees and greening 
  • A vibrant and creative programme of arts, debates, exhibitions, and music for the local area
  • Creation of two new pedestrian routes 
  • A space for residents, workers and visitors to relax
  • Installing accessible ramps and safer routes


‘I think it may be found beautiful and convenient’

Christopher Wren, 1708

The Church

For further information, please contact Project Development Director, Brian Willetts at development@sjp.org.uk.

Our Projects