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Green Park & Piccadilly Gateway

The proposed Green Park and Piccadilly public realm scheme will create a spectacular gateway to the West End, transforming the current confusing, cluttered, crowded and unwelcoming environment.

The project will widen and declutter footways, thereby improving views along Piccadilly and landmark buildings, in particular The Ritz. It will also improve the public realm on Arlington Street, Berkeley Street, Mayfair Place and Stratton Street.

The specific proposals to create a spectacular arrival point to the West End include:

  • Widen and declutter footways
  • Widen the existing pedestrian crossing
  • Narrow traffic lanes and relocate west the tour bus stop to gain footway space
  • Improve footway width by removing street clutter
  • Relocate tour bus kiosk to declutter footway in front of Green Park station entrance on the
    northern side
  • Introduce uniform York stone and granite sett footways throughout
  • Create a coherent lighting scheme for the area
  • Green roofs above the Green Park station entrance and the bus shelter
  • New tree planting between The Ritz​, Devonshire House and adjacent buildings


This scheme completes the Piccadilly and Pall Mall 2012 two-way working public realm project.

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